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Mar. 22, 2017


All eyes on guest houses business due new regulations
The real estate market moves in an overall favourable manor

Feb. 27, 2017

New Property

2SLDK Apartment Chiyoda-ku

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Are you planning to purchase properties in the Tokyo metro areas? At Daiwa Homes Online, we will be posting helpful information for people who are interested in owning a real estate in Japan. Please contact via Internet.

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Daiwa House Industry Co.,Ltd. is the largest homebuilder in Japan. Daiwa House celebrates the 60th anniversary in 2015. Daiwa House has been expanding wide ranges of projects in the Japanese residencies as well as construction industries. Daiwa House and the affiliates, which counted over 100, are rigorously expanding international projects in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, U.S.A., Mexico and others. Spearheading various projects, Daiwa House continues to develop housing and building constructions.