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  • ¥ 180,000,000

    2SLDK / 113.82 m²

    Apartment Chiyoda-ku

  • ¥ 340,000,000

    2LDK / 164.65 m²

    Apartment Shibuya-ku

  • ¥ 57,800,000

    2SLDK / 98.94 m²

    Apartment Edogawa-ku

  • ¥ 19,800,000

    1K / 31.35 m²

    Apartment Edogawa-ku

Area Guide



Azabu Juban is located in Tokyo's Minato-ku on both the Namboku and Oedo lines. Due to its proximity to high class residential areas such as Roppongi,


Series: Exploring Tokyo Redevelopment Part 2 : The area around Shibuya station
Giving a full picture of the “once in 100 years” redevelopment

Shibuya, a land from which young fashions emanate. There are 9 lines serviced by 4 companies (JR, Tokyu Corporation, Keio Electric Railway Company and Tokyo Metro)* with the average number of passengers alighting at the station each day reaching a total of 2.8 million

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"Property Investment Japan" - The feature of the Daiwa Homes Online Co., Ltd.

Are you planning to purchase properties in the Tokyo metro areas? At Daiwa Homes Online, we will be posting helpful information for people who are interested in owning a real estate in Japan. Please contact via Internet.

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Daiwa House Industry Co.,Ltd. is the largest homebuilder in Japan. Daiwa House celebrates the 60th anniversary in 2015. Daiwa House has been expanding wide ranges of projects in the Japanese residencies as well as construction industries. Daiwa House and the affiliates, which counted over 100, are rigorously expanding international projects in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, U.S.A., Mexico and others. Spearheading various projects, Daiwa House continues to develop housing and building constructions.

The reasons to invest in Japan’s property

  • 1. Sophisticated Market

    A huge and sophisticated market exists in Japan

    GDP is ranked 3rd in the world

    RANK 3rd in the world

    Japan’s GDP is nearly 500 trillion yen,
    A leading world economy that boasts large-scale economic power.

    Japan’s regional economies have GDPs the size of other countries.

    International comparison of Japanese regional gross production (nominal , FY2011) (Unit $1 billion)

    International comparison of Japanese regional gross production

    Reference :

  • 2. Comfortable Living

    A country where you can live safely and pleasantly - Japan

    Global Peace Index 2014 Rank 1st in Asia

    RANK 1st in Asia

    OECD Better Life Index “Safe” category Rank 1

    RANK 1st in the world
    • Longest life expectancy in the World.

      Average life expectancy is ranked 1st in the world.

    • Well-developed medical infrastructure

      Number of hospital beds per 1,000 people (13.4) is ranked 1st among OECD countries.

    • Abundance of nurses

      Ratio of nurses to number of physicians is ranked 1st among OECD countries.


  • 3. Property Price Level

    Comparison price level of luxury condominium.

    Comparison price level of luxury condominium.

    As at April 2015 / Area : Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Price index = 100.0)


    The property price level in Tokyo is 30% of London, 57% of New York, 69% of Singapore. It is less expensive among major cities of the world in spite of its large economy. Moreover, features of the Tokyo rental apartments are that the rent is unlikely to fall and the vacancy rate is low. Investors like the Japanese legal frame work, large market and stable economy that provides consistent income.

Voice of Customer

Owner Family from Indonesia
Purpose Second Home
Size approx. 120m²
Price Range approx. 130million Yen
Area Shinjuku-ku
  • 1) What inspired you to purchase a property in Japan?

    My family is attracted by the value of property in Tokyo. It is much cheaper than other major metropolitan cities in the world.
    Also, we love to come to Japan, so it is convenient to be able to own a place to stay.

  • 2) What is your favorite points regarding your property?

    We love our property because it is spacious, well-designed and decorated, and is located close to train stations. Plus it is in a nice and quiet neighborhood.

  • 3) Why did you decide to purchase that property?

    The price is reasonable for the size. Also because it is recently renovated.

  • 4) Why did you send an inquiry to us at the beginning?

    Your website is very accessible and informative, so we have a good idea of the properties on offer and can compare them first before going to Japan.

  • 5) Evaluation of our company and our service

    We find your service to be prompt and courteous. We were very impressed throughout the showing because you provided interpreters and transport to the properties; and especially the explanation during the signing process in your office. It was extremely detailed.

  • 6) Please give your advice the people who will consider purchasing the property in Japan?

    I believe a lot of people from Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and Singapore, will be interested in buying property in Japan. Most Indonesians invest in Singapore, but the recent laws regarding Stamp Duty at 15% of the property price has caused interest in Singapore property to dwindle. Hong Kong property is too expensive. In Australia, foreigners can only purchase new property and can only sell the property later to Australian citizens, making investment there inflexible.