Komagome: A traditional, laid-back neighborhood

Komagome is well known for its exotic oriental atmosphere; it has many temples and samurai residences, Rikugien ― one of the two great gardens of Edo ― and Kyu-Furukawa Garden.

Since there are large gardens close by, Komagome is full of green and has a very tranquil atmosphere. Rikugien is famous for its "weeping cherry blossoms" during the spring season, where you can enjoy cherry blossoms at night. At the Kyu-Furukawa garden, you can see autumn roses and red leaves during the autumn season.

Furthermore, an attractive point for residents here is the great number of the shopping streets. Outside of the east exit of the station, you will find Azalea Street and Satsuki Street. If you go further, there is an endless shopping street called Shimofuriginza/Someiginza. It has a quaint and somehow nostalgic atmosphere.

Why don't you try visiting this little neighborhood?