Gotanda: A Place of Convenience and Accessibility

Gotanda is an exquisite city conveniently located on the JR Yamanote Line, Toei Asakusa Line, and Tokyu Ikegami Line. On top of its convenience access to the airport as well, this place is perfect for those who seek an active lifestyle.

Gotanda gives an impression of a commercial area. However, it has popular Ramen shops and Western restaurants along with the affordable Japanese bar restaurants.

About fifteen thousand foreigners live in Shinagawa. The city strongly promotes cultural exchanges between the locals and the foreigners. Gotanda has many Western-style housing available to ensure a comfortable living for foreigners to reside.

Currently, many office buildings and tower apartments are standing at Osaki station square and the station square plaza is connected to redeveloped areas with a deck. Previously, it was an area in which electrical and chemical factory sites were pressing close to the station square.

Recently, the “Old Sony headquarters building” located in North Shinagawa was sold and currently, most of the building has been disassembled. Construction of an apartment is planned in the old building site.

The state of Osaki, which previously was a factory area, gradually changed after it was registered as a sub center of Tokyo Prefecture in 1982. Now, office buildings and tower apartments are successively constructed with access to multiple railways. The value of Osaki will continue to increase as a business area.