【Jiyugaoka】high brand city to live

Jiyugaoka is a popular area in Meguro-ward, which is a regular to get high in rankings in “Best Cities to Live”. Great access is one of the reason of its popularity: 10 minutes from Shibuya, 17 minutes to Yokohama by direct train. You can reach to many other main train stations such as Shinjuku, Shinagawa, Kawasaki etc. in about 30 minutes.

If you take a few minute walk, soon you will notice how Jiyugaoka has a lot to offer. In relatively compact area, there are cafes, restaurants, general shops and boutiques standing side by side, and you can discover a lot of interesting things by walking into an alley. Most notably, sweet treats in Jiyugaoka is very famous. Bakeshops of famous patisseries, well-established Wagashi (Japanese- style confection) stores, or even theme park of sweet treats! You would be at a loss which to choose having a number of temptations.

In addition to such accomplished urbanized mood, greenery and flowers are one of the great charm in Jiyugaoka. The greenery project of Jiyugaoka has been started since 2009, and one of the action is to raise honeybees. By raising the number of green spaces utilizing small spaces in the city, it makes a green belt that honeybees can follow. Anyone can join this project by placing a planter in front of the shops or even in your balcony.

Jiyugaoka, a heart-throb city to live, is a nature-friendly community with a pleasant mood. Living in this city, it would confer a special status on you.