【Kamata】-A noteworthy area for Apartment investment

Kamata is a district in Ota ward in Tokyo, and is home to two major stations- JR Kamata Station and Keikyu Kamata station near by. These two stations serve 5 lines in total, and it is easy to reach the heart of Tokyo or Kanagawa prefecture. Shinagawa and Yokohama stations can be reached directly and even Haneda Airport station is only 5 stations away by the Keikyu line. In addition, Kamata is a great location for drivers, since it is close to major highways such as Kan-Pachi or Daiichi-Keihin.

About 10 minutes walk from JR Kamata station is Keikyu Kamata station. These two stations are slightly displaced from one another now, however there is a project to build a railway to connect them (“Kama-kama line”). When it happens, the connection with other lines will improve even more, which will lead to a significant improvement of the access to Haneda Airport or to other major stations in Tokyo. Along with the development of air access of Haneda airport, many of the properties are rented out for employees of airline companies as their company residence. Also, some stadium facilities for the Tokyo Olympics are planned to be built in Ota ward, which is another factor that will enhance the value of apartment investment in Kamata.

Nearby the station, you will see a long shopping district, lined with Izakaya, cheap delicious eateries, fruit and vegetable shops, pharmacies, household goods stores, and so on, of both of private and chain varieties. Additionally, Ota ward is has the largest number of hot springs and public baths in Tokyo, and many of them still remain in Kamata. Especially, Kuroyu hot spring is unique in this area, where the water is colored dark brown. Its oceanic and alkaline hot spring is also called “the water of beauty”.

Whether or shopping or transport access, Kamata is certainly very convenient! There are even hot springs nearby! Kamata is an area you should keep an eye on.