【You’ll never get bored of visiting Tokyo City Keiba!】

In the Shinagawa-Katsushima area, you can see horse racing at a place called “Oi Keibajou”, which is also known as “Tokyo City Keiba”. The closest stations are Oi Keibajou station (Tokyo Monorail) or Tachiaigawa station (Keikyu main line), however it also has free shuttle bus service from several JR main stations, making is exceptionally easy to access.

“Tokyo City Keiba” holds night races called “Twinkle Races”. The latest race starts from 20:50, which is one of the latest races in the country. In addition, since most races are held on weekdays, workers can enjoy a race after work.

Of course the situation differs depending on racers, but Tokyo City Keiba is said to be a good place for beginners to enjoy a race, since there is wide gap in the level of each racehorse, and there are fewer horses for each race.

How about treating yourself to the luxury of watching horses with great food and drink? Tokyo City Keiba provides great facilities including restaurants and bars. Not only the racegoers, but also the general public can enjoy seeing races, taking pictures of popular jockeys or horses, or simply just soaking in the atmosphere as if they were on a picnic, without the need to place a bet.

Tokyo City Keiba is a great place to go, be it by yourself, after work, on a date, or even with your family. You will never get bored of visiting, and its urban location makes it easy to do so!

※Tokyo City Keiba provides multilingual information, such as racing fixtures or instructions for beginners on its website. We recommend checking it before you visit :