An unpretentious, yet urban town -【Sangenjaya】

Sangenjaya, known as “Sancha” for short, is a town in Setagaya ward. It is located only 2 stations away from Shibuya, (5 minutes by train) on the Tokyu Denen-toshi line. Even if you are coming home late from work or a night out, the trains run until late evening or you can take a taxi since it is not too far from Shibuya.

Despite the proximity to the urban core, the main charm of Sancha is its unpretentious and nostalgic atmosphere.

Sancha is a busy city until late at night as well as in the daytime, since the city consists of a mixture of numerous sophisticated and quiet cafes, bustling izakayas (Japanese style pubs) or traditional retail shops, and so on. You can also find some traditional wooden houses remaining around the residential streets. This Sancha atmosphere makes it a popular area for young people, but at the same time as a place that accepts people regardless of generation. It is also home to one of Japan’s few remaining trams, which run throughout Setagaya’s residential area including Sancha. The quaintness of the tram is loved by many people.

You can find 3 or 4 supermarkets around the station, including wholesale grocery stores for retailers, so you won’t have difficulty stocking up. “Carrot Tower”, a 27-story building, stands in front of the station. It is an office building with shops, which also includes a hall for concerts or plays, and a government office to perform certain administrative procedures. Since it is free to enter the viewing room on the top floor of the building, some people visit many times to enjoy its special view.

Sancha is a city where you can enjoy both cozy and urban life at the same time.