Live with [Shimokitazawa] culture- within a walking distance

Interested in Japanese pop culture? Live music? Theater performances? Shopping? Love chilling out in cafes or bars? Then Shimokitazawa is definitely the place for you.

About 9 minutes away from the Tokyo midpoint: Nishi-Eifuku station on the Keio Inokashira line, you will reach Shimokitazawa station. Shimokitazawa gives you a direct connection to Shibuya station in 5 minutes by the Keio Inokashira line, moreover if you take the Odakyu line, you can also reach Shinjuku station in 7 minutes by express train.

For many years, Shimokitazawa has been ranked highly as a popular town to live in. There have been several theaters or venues with live music for years which has pulled in many stage performers, musicians or artists to the town. Given this history, Shimokitazawa has become a city that accepts unique people. Due to the lack of a big street in the center, many of the shops are located around the station. The town itself is relatively small, making it a good size for people to walk around for shooting photos. Several supermarkets and stores are within walking distance, which should meet your daily demands. You might not even need a bike.

Many places stay open until morning, and many visitors and locals randomly meet up in this town, Shimokitazawa. However, once you walk a bit further away from the station, there are quiet and relaxed residential areas. About 15 minutes’ walk from the station, there is Hanegi park and a pedestrian path, where you can interact with nature.

There are several stations within a short distance, which makes for great transportation convenience, however you can enjoy your life in this only within walking distance. By using bike, you can easily reach other appealing towns such as Sangenjaya.

Now, don’t you feel “Shimokitazawa” could be your home?