The pioneer spirit of [Shinagawa]

Shinagawa station is one of the principal transportation hubs of Tokyo. It has direct train connections to other transportation hubs such as Tokyo or Shinjuku station, as well as both Haneda and Narita Airports. Moreover as a bullet train station, you can even go as far as west Japan such as Osaka or Kyoto, or to the Kyushu area such as Fukuoka. Furthermore, the linear Chuo Shinkansen linking Shinagawa as its starting station to Nagoya, will become operational by 2027. When the line is completed, it will be possible to travel from Shinagawa to Nagoya (approx. 360km) in about 43 minutes, while the journey today on the Hikari shinkansen takes about an hour and 40 minutes. This will be the first implementation of a superconducting Maglev train in the world.

While it is strongly associated with business, Shinagawa is working on supporting parenting as well. Believe it or not, Shinagawa was the first to start English education for children from an early age, as well as educational continuity from primary through early secondary levels. In addition, Shinagawa began the “83 Movement”, which has now spread nationwide. It encourages locals to "do what they have to do outside, such as watering the plants or dog-walking, around 8AM and 3PM, so they can watch out for the safety of elementary school kids walking to and from school."

From its world-class convenience, to its local parental support, Shinagawa is a pioneer in many ways. Shinagawa is a great choice not only for you as a worker, but also as a parent at the same time.