Asagaya -A Cozy Town for Adults-

As a part of Suginami, Tokyo, Asagaya is located next to JR Chuo-Line Koenji Station. It has a similar atmosphere to Koenji, but with the many young adults in Asagaya, it leaves a calming and relaxing impression.

The Asagaya Pearl Center, an arcade shopping district that stretches into Minami Asagaya Station on the Marunouchi Line, has privately owned shops as affordable as the supermarkets. It is special for its many delis, cafés, and bakeries.

The events hosted by the city are quite exciting. Such events include the Tanabata Festival, Jazz Festival, and Halloween, which are consistently held.

Additionally, with Japanese classes created by volunteers on top of the Foreigner Support Desk provided by Suginami City office, Suginamiku has invested effort to create an easy-to-live environment for foreigners.