Koenji, where nostalgia and expansion coexists

By train, Koenji is just 10 minutes from Shinjuku with a great accessibility with an atmosphere whre you can make yourself comfortable. It is one of a town great for investment with high demands for singles.

In Koenji, there are shopping streets, for your convenience. Out of the many, Junjou Shopping street which was used as the setting of the novel reminds you of the 50's with nostalgic restaurants, deli and bakeries.

In the late August, the biggest Awaodori festival in Tokyo, "Koenji Awaodori festival" will be held. In just 2 days, 1million people will gather to celebrate the festival.

But, Koenji is not just a nostalgic area. Second hand shops has increased in recent years which the area has expanded as a base for subculture for youth. Koenji has attracted youth as well as musicians with live music venues all over. This marks Koenji as a town where nostalgy and expansion are coexisting.