Nakano, a city with great access where you’ll find everything

Nakano is a city famous for Nakano broad way, the sanctuary for subculture in Japan.

Did you know that this city, visited by 50 thousand visitors on weekends, is actually also a great city to live?

First, JR Chuo-line and Tokyo Metro Tozai-line extends to the area with great access to the city center, taking only 5 minutes by train to Shinjuku.

Moreover, a lively shopping arcade may be found at the north south side of the station, with many stores such as restaurants, drug stores, clothing, accessories, and more, where you’ll find everything you need for living.

When you leave the station a little, you will find an extensive residential area. Although the rent is a little on the high side because it is close to Shinjuku, there are relatively many properties because many people are living alone. You might get lucky and find a property for a competitive price depending on your conditions.