Nishi-eifuku station


Tokyo midpoint- [Nishi-eifuku station] unexpectedly amazing area to live in

Nishi-eifuku station is a railway station on the Keio Inokashira Line in Suginami ward, located in almost the midpoint of Kichijoji station and Shibuya station, the both starting and main station of Keio Inokashira line. Needless to say it is directly accessible to both stations in less than 15 minutes, and furthermore, the area contains other transportation such as Honancho station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and bus services which provides a good access to other areas. In spite of such convenience, Nishi-eifuku had not attracted much attention compared to other stations on Inokashira Line. Since it does not have any major commercial facility or being a business district, there are less visitors to this station.
Therefore, there are commercial street including some local or independent stores to shop or eat in, but the town has been kept calm and safe, where people can live in peace.

On the north side of the station, there is a big park, “Wadabori Park” which has been a good place to relax for local people.
Taking a few minutes from the park, you will find “Omiya-Hachiman Shrine”. Since it is located in the very center of Tokyo, and coupled with its belief, this shrine is also called “Tokyo no heso (Tokyo’s belly button)”. The shrine is known for warding off evils, and providing benefits regarding good relationship, healthy childbirth and child rearing. It is also famous for a place that gives you special energy, that there have been some rumors people have seen some sorts of fairy in this spot. Believe it or not, it has been a sacred place with a mysterious atmosphere. There are several places to see inside the shrine, however one is “Tamashimizu-no-yashiro”, where the sacred water springs. You can take some home if you wish to.

Living in the Tokyo midpoint, Nishi-eifuku should be an unexpectedly amazing with quiet life with historical and relaxed sights beside you.