【Nishi-ogikubo】Beloved town by residents

Nishi(West)-ogikubo, known as “Nishiogi” is a railway station on JR Chuo Line, where you can reach directly to Shinjuku station in about 15 minutes. (Please note that rapid trains stop only in weekdays) Nishiogi attracts people by its location next to Kichijoji station, one of the most popular stations where people wish to live, and also its unique atmosphere made by Nishiogi culture.

In Nishiogi, there are more than 60 antique firms which cover a wide range from pottery, vintage clothing, records to western curios. Such stores are scattered throughout Nishiogi Including secondhand bookstores, and people walk around the town with “Nishiogi antique map” in their hand. Followed by the locality that there used to be estates of military people in this area, many antique shops were set up to purchase precious furnitures or articles.

Surprisingly, Nishiogi holds 23 shopping districts. There are more private shops than big stores, and you can see many unique and creative shops with exercised ingenuity of young shop-owners. Such diverse shopping districts holds some events together, several times throughout a year. Morning and afternoon markets are held every 3rd Sunday of the month, and also there is a event named “Cha-Sanpo” (literally means “walking with tea”) is held once a year, when the shops serve tea to customers. Such events are planned so that people can enjoy walking along throughout Nishiogi.

Nishi-ogikubo, where unique cultures remain, and still expanding nowadays. Once you walk around, you can feel the affection to the town of Nishiogi citizens.