Live with green in【Shakuji-Koen】

Shakuji-Koen station is located in Nerima ward along the Seibu Ikebukuro line. It is also served by the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line and Fukutoshin line, and has a direct connection to several principal stations such as: Ikebukuro, Shibuya or Yokohama Chinatown station.

The biggest attraction of Shakuji-Koen station is that it is a suburban area with lots of greenery, however at the same time it has great access to the city center. Nerima ward was developed for agriculture in suburban areas, and with some country views remaining even today, which makes the green coverage rate the highest in the 23 wards in Tokyo. In addition, Nerima ward has the highest number of parks in the 23 wards, which makes it ideal for residents with children. Especially worthy of mention in this area is Shakuji park, which appears in the name of the station. There is a wonderful pond called “Sanpoji-ike”, surrounded by beautiful trees, where people can enjoy bird watching and scenery with seasonal features and plants. With rental boats or a baseball ground in the park, as well as the unique restaurants around it, this is a spot for recreation and relaxation for locals. A great place for families or couples to enjoy a picnic or a walk, and it also fascinates photographers with its great natural subjects.

Additionally, Nerima ward has some animation studios, and it is known as the birthplace of Japanese anime, and several anime-related events are held during the year, such as “Nerima anime-carnival”.

If you would like to live with green in Tokyo, how about taking a walk at Shakuji park?