Asakusabashi: A mecca for craft-lovers

Asakusabashi, a commoner’s town popular since the Edo Period (1603-1868 CE), features various retailers that have been selling goods like toys, stationery, and fireworks since long ago. In particular, an old shop selling Japanese dolls, with a history of over 300 years, has continued to evolve by launching products in collaboration with overseas characters such as Star Wars, in addition to their regular sold dolls which celebrate children's growth.

In addition, stores selling beads and parts for accessory making and packaging materials have also started business there, and are crowded with crafters, either working professionally or as a hobby, looking for deals.

There are also many ports for yakatabune houseboats, and the cruises they offer are very popular among foreign tourists. Onboard the vessels, patrons dine as they enjoy stunning views of Tokyo Bay.

Let us mention one thing: the name of Asakusabashi is very similar to that of Asakusa, a popular tourist spot in Japan. However, the two spots are separate areas—over a 30-minute walking distance apart. Please be careful not to mix them up when you try to go to either one of them.