A wise choice - “Kita-senju”

Have you heard of “Kita-senju” in Adachi ward? It is becoming a very popular and cost-effective place to live, both in terms of its convenience and comfort. What makes Kita-senju such an appealing area?

Kita-senju station is a terminal station served by 5 lines: JR Joban line, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line and Hibiya line, Tobu sky tree line, and Tsukuba express. Being so accessible from certain business districts is one of Kita-senju’s great strengths.

Kita-senju has a bustling shopping street on both east and west sides. Being accompanied by the appearance of several new university campuses, many shops for students and young people are popping up.
You can discover many things within the diversity of Kita-senju, including traditional bar districts, restaurants and shops, or international cuisines.

In addition, Adachi ward is working on some projects to improve school meals, which meets the needs of the child-raising generation. In the project they employ methods to cook at the schools themselves so that they can provide hot and fresh meals, and also manage the balance of menus in terms of nutrition or amount of salt, etc. These projects have been applauded by school children and their parents.

Given the ease of living there, and comparing rent to the market rate in other popular residential areas, it is easy to get a feel for how economical living in Kita-senju is. It would be wise to consider it as a potential place to live.