[Shibamata]- Great district to experience the taste of old town Tokyo atmosphere

Have you heard of [Shibamata] in Katsushika ward?

If you are a fan of some retrospective Japanese films, you might have seen the long-running series of “Otoko-wa-tsuraiyo” ("It’s hard being a man”). The main character named “Tora-san” is from Shibamata, and the drama has been popular nationwide from its warm hearted and compassionate characters of him and other characters. Many of the fans visit Shibamata to feel such mood from the movie.

There are several ways to reach Shibamata, however Shibamata station is placed along the Keisei Dentetsu Kanamachi line. It has been a famous not only for fans of the film but also for many tourists to enjoy the traditional shopping streets and districts.

Taking a few minutes’ walk along the front approach, you would see Shibamata Taishakuten Daikyoji Temple. Established in 1629, and throughout its history, many people have prayed for recovery from illness, or for avoidance of bad luck. You can also find some beautiful wooden sculptures inside or outside the temple, and you should not miss the sculpture gallery and the beautiful Japanese landscape garden with the extra charge. You may want to receive the original seals- “goshuin” if you have your own “goshuincho” after the visit.
(About “Goshuincho”, please find out the past article.)

Shibamata park is another attractive place for locals, where you can relax by the Edogawa river, and also to enjoy certain types of sports. Inside the park, a traditional wooden ferry boat still remains and crosses over to the other side of the river.

Shibamata contains lots of historical landscapes, you will get to enjoy many good and reasonable foods in traditional Japanese style at the same time. How about visiting once to find and feel warm hearted nostalgic mood of Shibamata?