Ueno Property Value Information

Ueno is a terminal station with access to bullet and express trains. It is a busy, major terminal that connects Tokyo and the northern Kanto region. The station area is complete with shopping malls and various cultural institutions.

Second-hand apartments in the Ueno area have been maintaining a consistent value. The values have risen 31.5% in the past two years. This was rapidly increase when compared to other areas along the Yamanote Line, which have the rate of rise of 15.7%. (Information as of April 2016)

A skyscraper construction project (2 Chome Higashi-Ueno Project/Matsuzakaya Ueno Branch Reconstruction Project/Uenoikenohata Project) is currently in progress in Ueno and will be undergone from 2015 to 2019. There are expansion plans for office and commercial buildings. The Ueno area has consistently been popular, and this redevelopment should bring even more attention to the area.