【Akasaka】 Living in a different perspective of the downtown

Akasaka is located in Minato ward, Tokyo. You might have a firm image of Akasaka as one of the great business district, since there are the headquarters of Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) TV and numbers of offices of many foreign companies. However, you can also find a comfortable residential area in Akasaka.

“Saka” of Akasaka literally means “hill” or “slope”, and as its name suggests, Akasaka sits on more than 25 hills. Such geomorphic characteristics depending on each area causes Akasaka to have various aspects.

From its locational conditions of being in between Nagatacho, Japan’s center of politics, and Roppongi, a glittering city of night life, Akasaka had numerous high-class Japanese-style restaurants, nightclubs or pubs in the postwar period. In these days such places had been reduced, however there still is a lively downtown with many restaurants at the foot of a hill.

Going up on a hill, you could see many high-class residents which used to be old samurai residents in Edo period(1603-1868), and thats another perspective of downtown Akasaka. It might be difficult to imagine, however it enables you to live a quiet life being in an accessible downtown.

Akasaka- the city with various aspects depending on each area. How about looking for your favorite one?