Azabu Juban - For the Japanophiles among you

Azabu Juban is located in Tokyo's Minato-ku on both the Namboku and Oedo lines. Due to its proximity to high class residential areas such as Roppongi, it is known for being a lively shopping district that blends modernity and tradition.

Azabu Juban's shopping area has been flourishing for over 300 years since the Edo period (1603 - 1868), with Zenpukuji at its heart. Its position makes it a hub for human interaction, and as residences for lords or their servants expanded it, many townspeople or merchants also made it their home. Today there are over 20 embassies, and many foreign nationals living there. Even now Azabu Juban retains its traditional look, making it a popular tourist destination. Further, there are numerous traditional Japanese shops for things such as "Taiyaki" (Fish shaped pancakes with an anko filling), Senbei (Japanese rice crackers), and traditional Japanese bean based confectionary, with many of them boasting a history of over a century.

It isn’t just food. What about your own original kimono? How about a special Japanese fragrance? Traditional goods and services to suit almost any desire are what makes Azabu Juban so attractive. Summer even boasts the famous “Azabu Juban Summer Night Festival”, where a rich multicultural yet also uniquely Japanese experience can be had.

For the Japanophiles out there, Azabu Juban is the perfect place to live.