【Daikanyama】-Great place to observe Tokyo Trend

“Daikanyama” station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line is located in Shibuya-ward, Tokyo. It is one of the high-class residential area, dotted with embassies. There are three major streets starting from Daikanyama station: Hachiman-dori street which leads to Shibuya, Kyu-Yamate-dori street which leads to Komaba, and Komazawa-dori street which leads to Ebisu. Needless to mention the convenience to take a bus or to drive, but also these streets each have their own characteristics to entertain you to just hang around.

For example, at Hachiman-dori street, you will find some popular complex facility such as "Daikanyama Address” or “La Fuente Daikanyama”. Since many unique shops and restaurants from private to established ones line side-by-side, you will never be bored to walk along the way to Shibuya.

On the other hand, going down the Kyu-Yamante dori street, you will get to “DAIKANYAMA T-SITE”, the new cultural bookstore complex. It features large amounts of books from newly published to specialized ones of literature, art or architectures and more. It is open from 7AM to 2AM, so it will support your walking time in the early morning to midnight. Going further, you will find “Saigo-yama park”. There is an observation deck on its hill, where you can command a view of Mt. Fuji in a day of clear fine weather in winter. It is a great place for children to play around freely, which is another reason the park is beloved by local residents.

【Daikanyama】-a source of the latest trends, and a city for fashion-conscious people. What you should do is just to take a walk around the town, then you will be able to observe Tokyo Trend.