The greatest facility in the area opens in Ginza 6-chome

Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo Prefecture has abundant commercial facilities and convenient transportation, and is a popular town well known to have the highest land price in Japan.

Redevelopment for integrally maintaining two city blocks including the site of “Matsuzakaya Ginza store” is proceeding.

A complex facility with 13 stories above ground and 6 stories underground, which will be the greatest in Ginza area, will be constructed following the redevelopment. It is planned to consist of commercial facilities of 250 specialty stores in addition to offices, Kanze Noh-gakudo (Noh play theater), and the biggest rooftop garden of Ginza area.

Moreover, the Ginza area attracts many tourists from overseas countries, and so a boarding and alighting space is provided to reduce traffic of tour buses in order to strive for the convenience of visitors. The complex facility is planned to be completed in November 2016.

Ginza is one of the world’s leading fashion streets. It is prospected that customers from overseas countries will further increase due to redevelopment.