【Ichigaya】An urban but safe area to live

Ichigaya, located in Shinjuku and Chiyoda wards, is home to many offices and universities. Since Ichigaya station serves the JR Chuo-sobu line, Toei Shinjuku line and two lines Tokyo Metro lines; Yurakucho line and Nanboku line, it has access to the city core and also to Kanagawa or Saitama areas. To Shinjuku station, it is only 5 stations away by the JR line. If you take the Toei Shinjuku line, it is 3 stations, but runs direct if you take an express train.

Heading towards JR Ichigaya station, there is the fishing pond of “Ichigaya fish center” right in front of the station which you can see from the train. There’s no need for equipment, since you can rent a rod and buy some bait there. It is open until 8PM during the weekdays, so if you like fishing and you finish your work early, maybe it will be a good day to fish. On weekends, it is a leisure spot where couples, families and fishing lovers all gather.

Ichigaya is also known as a high-end residential area, and you can find many embassies and government agencies there. Since it is home to the Ministry of Defense, it is also known for its special security systems. With a wide range of residential areas, streets are relatively busy even at night, so it is popular as a safe area for women living alone or people living with family.

If you wish to live in the center of a city but are concerned about the public safety, Ichigaya is a great choice.