Area with Rush of Tower Apartments, Kachidoki

Kachidoki and Harumi area is developed with Toei Oedo line “Kachidoki” station as the core.

It was an island made by reclamation work using the sandbank spreading across the mouth of Sumidagawa River, and booming of tower apartment construction continues due to recent redevelopments.Many developments are planned particularly in Harumi district, where construction of the Olympic Village for 2020 Tokyo Olympics is planned.

Moreover, construction of Loop 2 line connecting Toranomon, Shimbashi, Tsukiji, Kachidoki, Harumi, Toyosu, and Ariake is progressing, with ideas for running a shuttle bus using exclusive bus lanes in the future.The transportation of Kachidoki and Harumi area will become much more convenient if access other than Oedo line can be secured. Future attention is required in this area.