Kasuga/Korakuen Area Renewal near Tokyo Dome

Located near the Kasuga Station and Korakuen in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Kasuga/Korakuen Station Square will be undergoing planned renewal. The area for renovation is next to the Tokyo Dome where four subway lines meet, making it an extremely convenient area for access.

The Kasuga/Korakuen area is dense with older residents, mid-scale office buildings, and privately owned buildings. This renewal is receiving attention as a plan to organize the existing urban districts and provide more residencies. The focus of this renewal is the forty-story and twenty-two-story towers.

This area is highly accessible to the center of Tokyo. The highlight of this renewal is the new landmark defined from the combination of newly developed areas and shopping districts while maintaining a traditional downtown atmosphere. We expect large-scale office building constructions and an influx of new residents.