Samurai Mansion District, Kojimachi

Kojimachi station area is filled with office buildings and embassies.There is also an Imperial Palace within a few hundred meters from the station.The Imperial Palace was a site where Edo Castle stood, which had the largest property area out of the castles in Japan.There are thirty-four gates in the palace remaining from the Edo Castle.

Hanzomon is one of the entrances that the Japanese Emperor and the imperial family uses on a daily basis. However, it is not opened to the public.

The name Hanzomon derived from a Samurai, Hanzou, who was the guardian of that gate. It was an escape gate for the General during the Edo Period.Samurai mansions have disappeared over time. However, there are historical mansions near the Imperial Palace moat, surrounded by rich nature.

Take a stroll, imagining the past when Samurais were living in this town.