Land Values in Omotesando

Omotesando is a chic and sophisticated dream town with luxury-brand flagships. It is also home to the Meiji Shrine and is full of nature.It has an easy access to Tokyo metropolitan areas. Shibuya and Akasaka are within a walking distance, and it only takes 20 min to get to other major areas in Tokyo.Second-hand apartment values in Omotesando have increased by 17.1% compared to the values in 2013.

Foreign visitors in Tokyo and the surrounding areas have drastically increased in the recent years. It has resulted in an increase of investments in commercial facilities.Especially, the Omotesando area has been thriving as a commercial zone with new commercial facilities being built one after another in 2015.The housing demands around the area are expected to rise, as Omotesando has been attracting more people.

How would you like to consider purchasing an apartment as an investment where there is increasingly high demands as a commercial area?