“Roppongi” -A place for those who appreciate the finer things-

Roppongi, is a district located in the heart of Tokyo, where you can easily access any other major city. This city is well known as a popular nightlife district among foreigners, however it is also known as a sophisticated urban area where you can get anything in high quality.

After the recent redevelopment project, Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown became part of Roppongi. They are commercial facilities with numerous elegant big-name and popular brand retail outlets, but also have a wider range of roles including luxurious residences, offices, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, art museums, and more. Of all of these, the residences inside the Roppongi Hills are top-grade in particular, and their residents are said to be mostly top business performers or show-business celebrities, who are upgrading the image of Roppongi to that of a higher class area.

The National Art Center, Japan’s largest art museum, together with Mori Art Museum, and Suntory Museum of Art form the “Roppongi Art Triangle”. Roppongi is an important location in the art world, and this is one reason why people who are interested in cultural exchange and growth gather there. Also, you shouldn't miss the sophisticated and luxurious “Mohri Garden” in Roppongi Hills. Surrounded by skyscrapers, you will find an extensive and beautiful garden, and quiet mood which helps you to forget you are in the middle of a busy area; Roppongi.

People’s aspiration and appetites are all satisfied in one attractive city, Roppongi. Once you live in this city surrounded by fine quality goods, it is sure to push your status even higher.