Shibuya Property Value Information

Shibuya Station has an enormous terminal that continues down into a busy downtown area. There is an upscale neighborhood in a walking distance of the station, creating this all-inclusive and popular town.

Secondhand apartment values have risen 19% since 2013, and there is an increase in luxury property sales.

Shibuya Station area is currently undergoing a renovation plan scheduled to end in 2027.

Shibuya River, which had passed through sewer lines, was relocated while waterfront spaces were formed. Underground water reserves were installed in preparation for the torrential rains which has become more frequent in the recent years. The station square will also be remodeled to minimize the crowd and increase transportation efficiency. There are many developments scheduled for the new Shibuya.

Shibuya continues to evolve! Please look forward to the future posts on Shibuya's development and evolution.