【Tokyo Station】- More than just a railway station

If you have stayed in Japan, you have probably been to “Tokyo station” at least once!

Tokyo station is one of the busiest railway stations in the nation, and connects to places not only around Tokyo, but also all over Japan. It is the terminal of multiple shinkansen (bullet train) lines and is also served by many regional commuter lines including subways.

The area around Tokyo station used to be a “business district”, home to the headquarters of many of Japan’s most powerful companies. However in the last few years, lots of commercial facilities including shopping and dining complexes, or museums have opened, and are drawing an increasing number of non-business visitors. Beyond the role of a “railway station”, Tokyo station now is heading towards being a “Tokyo Station City”, covering all areas such as hotels, offices, and commercial facilities.

Needless to say, many foreign people use Tokyo station, and its services are constantly improving. You can find travel information in different languages, currency exchanges, ATMs that accept foreign cash cards, around-the-clock postal services, and cloak rooms are open from early morning. You can ask for a paid porter service to guide you around the broad station without carrying your luggage by yourself. There are areas where you can use Wi-Fi or a PC for free. Moreover, you can enjoy the full-fledged shopping area inside the station, where you can get lots of animation character goods or specialties from around the country!

Tokyo station is where you can encounter the culture of Japan condensed into one place! It will continue to advertise the charm of the country.