Yoyogi: Luxurious urban oasis

Introducing Yoyogi, a convenient and luxurious neighborhood which is also full of nature.

From Yoyogi station, you can use three different train lines. At only 2 minutes from Shinjuku, 5 minutes from Shibuya, and 7 minutes from Ikebukuro, it is a very convenient place for using public transportation. Around Yoyogi station you'll find "Meiji Jingu Shrine" and "Shinjuku Gyoen", which are full of greenery. Shinjuku Gyoen has a Japanese garden and a large greenhouse on its 58-hectare site. Shinjuku Gyoen is famous for cherry blossoms, and the Prime Minister hosts a hanami event here every spring. You can also enjoy chrysanthemums and red leaves in the fall.

If you choose to live in Yoyogi, not only will you have convenient access to your workplace, but you will also be able to fully enjoy your weekends.