The rapid increase of tourists visiting Japan

The rapid increase of tourists visiting Japan

The increase of tourism to Japan shows no signs of slowing down.
According to an announcement from the Japan National Tourist Organization (JINTO), 2015 saw 19.74 million tourists visiting Japan (a 47% increase from 2014), falling just short of the 20 million mark.
Going into 2016, there seems to be no loss of momentum, with January seeing a 52% increase over last year, and February also seeing a 36% rise. This may indicate just as much growth this year as the last.

This sudden increase of visitors to Japan is thanks to a variety of factors such as, the progress of the weakening of the yen, the increase of earnings in Asia, and policies designed to encourage tourism put in place by the government, etc.

After coming into power in 2012, Prime Minister Abe, with “the establishment of Japan as a tourist nation” as one of his major strategies in place, set a goal for increased tourism at “20 million (tourists) by 2020”. With this goal almost achieved 5 years ahead of schedule, the government has increased it to 30 million, and is now aiming to boost growth by proceeding with policies such as establishing multi-lingual infrastructure and facilities, relaxation of visa requirements, and electronic visas.

For Japan, this rapid increase in tourism is by no means a small thing. Already the retail and tourist industries and seeing big benefits, and further knock-on effects are expected. In Japan, new business opportunities are blooming.