Are you all set for Christmas season?

Are you all set for Christmas season?

“Christmas wreath” is one of the essential tool to set the mood for Christmas at home.

Its style or pattern differs depending on each country, region or religion, Christmas wreath is decorated all over the town in Japan as well. Mostly, people in Japan enjoy celebrating Christmas regardless of their own religion, but as an entertaining event to spend time with their family or their beloved ones.

In these days, various wreathes are sold in flower shops and interior goods stores, or some people try to make their original ones using DIY kits or parts sold in 100-yen shops or do-it-yourself home centers. Generally, wreath are made by flowers and woods, however there are more unique original wreath made by dried flowers, or even using more daily stuff such as wires or candies. Making one up from newspapers or origami papers with kids might be unique to Japanese style.

Christmas wreath are decorated as a charm against evil and wish for a good harvest. In Japan, people decorates “shime-kazari” from the end of the year to new-year holiday season with similar significance. After the day of Christmas, many Japanese people switches right away to prepare for new year holidays, and Christmas wreath are stashed and replaced to “shime-kazari” or other new year decorations around each home entrance.

December in Japan is fully occupied with events for Christmas and new year! Don’t forget to arrange delightful parties!