Living a life you desire in “Shirokane”

Living a life you desire in “Shirokane”

“Shirokane” is an exclusive neighborhood district of Minato-ward, Tokyo. There are several metro stations around; such as Hiro-o station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Shirokane-dai station and Shirokane-takanawa station jointly operated by Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. Not only subways, but also this area is conveniently located to the urban core in Tokyo to move by car, bus or taxi.

There used to be many old samurai residences in Shirokane, and since it escaped the air raid during the World WarⅡ, several cultural properties are preserved and still remain. For example, “Happo-en”, one of the most popular and long-established wedding hall, holds a beautiful garden with bonsai (potted plant) aged longer than 500 years. Having a lunch here at the terrace

provides you a tranquil time with the beautiful view of each season. Furthermore, there are many schools around Shirokane area, so you would have many choices to find the most suitable educational environment for your children.

“Platinum street”, the area close to Shirokane-dai station, embodies the brilliant image of Shirokane, lined with several sophisticated shops, boutiques, restaurants and cafes. Walking down the avenue, you can enjoy the city life and nature with green plants at the same time. On the other hand, Shirokane have livability at the same time, since it holds many stores for daily necessaries or groceries. Redevelopment project is now well under way to make Shirokane even more attractive.

Why not realize an ideal life in Shirokane now?