High functional Japanese “Mask”

High functional Japanese “Mask”

There are many visitors from China in Japan, and many people get surprised to feel the air cleanliness of Japan. It is quite natural that they think so considering the situation including air pollution problems and yellow sand phenomenon in China.

Japanese people are very careful towards cleanliness, and many people wear masks in their daily life for the purpose of hygiene control. Foreign people might be amazed to see full of people covering their faces with big masks in town.

Of course people all have different reasons to wear them, however for people allergic to pollen, masks are one of their necessities of life during this season. Surgical mask, a multilayer mask originally used in medical uses, is very common in these days. The advantage of surgical mask is to prevent invasion of PM2.5, virus, bacteria or even more smaller particles, however it is important to choose the right one that works appropriate to match your purpose.

There are various products for every purchaser’s layer. For example, one of the popular type for women is the mask that prevents their makeups to come off. Regular mask tend to scratch off the makeup, however this type covers their face with a wide space around the mouth which decreases the area to touch their skin directly. It is made of materials that has a resistant to rub up their makeups. Other than that, there are more and more ingenious and high functional masks such as: ones with aroma component, or ones to pursue the comfort by using special material for strap of the mask that does not hurt your ear, etc. Disposal ones are common, however there are some washable types as well.

“Mask” is one of the essential for people to live in Japan. How about looking for one that matches your size, purpose and use the one you feel comfortable?