Welcome to Japanese Toilet!

Welcome to Japanese Toilet!

Have you ever seen or experienced a high functional Japanese toilet, such as bidets? It enables to clean your backside after using the toilet. It also cleans the toilet bowl itself automatically, and such multifunctional Japanese toilet is one of the popular ones in the whole world.
For further detail, please refer the previous article on February 10th, 2016.

Not only toilets in individual houses, but also in public spaces have been changing in these days, including ones in stations, commercial facilities, temples and shrines.

Toilets in stations were considered as one of the dirtiest place that is used by numerous people, however most of them are renewed now and its cleanliness have been dramatically improved in these 10 years. From an aspect of tourism or business reasons, preparing new clean toilets have got to be considered to show their hospitality. There are many toilets with a detailed cares to match various users including children, handicapped people or elderlies. Many toilets have a space for women to do their makeups, or small toilet bowls for children to get a wash by themselves, or comfortable waiting space for men so they can wait their partner around women’s toilet without hesitation. It is especially important for commercial facilities since preparing comfortable toilets with such delicate care are effective to gain their customers.

Starting from China and Taiwan, Japanese toilets are spreading throughout the world, and people are getting to be addicted to Japanese comfortable toilet. Will you be the next one to be so?