Traditional Japanese【Shoji】 Embraces your room in a warm atmosphere!

Traditional Japanese【Shoji】
Embraces your room in a warm atmosphere!

Shoji are Japanese traditional sliding doors made of wooden frames covered with Japanese paper, that are used as doors, windows or to partition a room. Shoji paper allows the passage of light, depending on the type of paper, however its passing rate of light is said to be 40-50%. Therefore shoji is effective to avoid direct sunlight but equally illuminates your room in a warm atmosphere. Nowadays, combined usage of glass windows and shoji are common, and in winter it helps to keep the warm temperature inside of the room. Some people choose shoji as an alternative to curtain to make their room comfortable in summer. The reason is, its nature of shoji paper combines air permeability and moisture absorbency, and avoid your room from sweat with damp.

Shoji, with its wooden frames and paper, it provides a relaxed and bright mood to the rooms. Not only for Japanese-style rooms, but also shoji go together with Western or modern style rooms. In today’s stressful world, rooms with shoji is said to allay people's nervousness. Some hospitals adopt to use shoji in their facilities since it is said to be effective for patient’s recovery after the surgery.

From its long history, there are various types of high-quality shoji that are made by the best combination of actions in light, woods and each materials. From its experienced craftsmanship, you should be fascinated to the beauty and artistic appearance of Japanese high-quality shoji.
On the other hand, if you want to enjoy shoji in more casual way, some people, mostly foreign people, use shoji paper as an interior tool by pasting it directly to the glass window. Its purpose seem to be a simple decoration or as a covered film to provide privacy... etc, however it can still expect some strength of shoji paper written above.

How about bringing in some special shoji or shoji paper to your room interior?