“High-class Rice cooker” enrich your everyday meal!

“High-class Rice cooker” enrich your everyday meal!

As you already know, "rice" is staple food for Japanese people. Japanese people have much to say about its taste, types or quality since that is what they eat everyday. Each manufacturer have been making a great effort to create products that match people's demand for years, and they succeeded to launch a barrage of high quality and functional rice cookers. They are very popular among Chinese visitors as well, and many products correspond to 220V, the voltage in China. In these days, even higher-class rice cookers are popular despite the price to be around 100 thousand yen(900$).

Electronic rice cooker have been prevailed in 1950s. Until then, people used to cook rice in “kamado", a traditional earthen vessel used as a stove or oven, and they were mainly fired by woods or charcoal etc. They put rice and water into a special pan called “okama” and get it on kamado. In this way, rice were cooked with strong heating power and ended it up in a great taste, however it was overburdened process for mothers. In these days, the electronic rice cookers are essential tool for each family. It enables to control the heat level precisely and automatically, which is a very important point to pursue the quality of rice, and people can enjoy freshly steamed rice or thermal heated rice at anytime they need.

Higher-class rice cookers have been evolved to add new technologies into traditional method of cooking rice. Depending on each manufacturer, rice are cooked in disinctive ways after hitting the switch. For example, the types that can set the rice cultivar and choose your favorite food texture, or ones with high heat retaining property and keep the rice in good taste after hours, or types to combine the function to cook meals other than rice.

The preference in taste of rice differs in person, however once you get a high quality Japanese rice cooker that matches your lifestyle, your everyday meal should become even more cheerful!