Japanese traditional crafts- “Amezaiku”

Japanese traditional crafts- “Amezaiku”

Have you ever seen a Japanese “amezaiku” (sculptured candy)? Fancy candies have been created and designed elsewhere in the world, and are appreciated especially by children. Meanwhile, amezaiku has gone through unique development in Japan.

Amezaiku are made with traditional scissors, and using characteristic of candy: hardened when cooled and softened when heated. Due to its feature, amezaiku have to be finished within a few minutes before it gets hard. You should be surprised to see its artistic craftworks full of painstaking craftsmanship and techniques.

There are different stories about its origin, however it is said some craftsmen started to sell and show their making performance of amezaiku at some festivals or streets during Edo period (1603-1868). Since then, it got popular and enjoyed by common people, however, it was on the way out as time proceeds, and the numbers of craftsmen had been declined dramatically. Nowadays, modern amezaiku craftsmen have been making their own way with the respect of its traditional method.

If you wish to see them, there are some amezaiku shops that show its making performance. You can learn its process and actually get one, or some shops even let you actually try out making one.

Each craftsman has their different styles or manners, however it’s worth appreciating it as some sophisticated art works, and you might hesitate to eat them. Welcome to the world of amezaiku!