【Kuramae】 An area of Asakusa bursting with manufacturing spirit

【Kuramae】 An area of Asakusa bursting with manufacturing spirit

If you have gone sightseeing in Tokyo, you likely visited the main areas of Asakusa such as: "Sensoji temple", with its famous entrance, Kaminarimon with a huge lantern, or the busy shopping street "Nakamise-dori street" nearby. However, there is plenty to see by just taking a few steps away from the center.

Walking south on Edo street, a big street where Sensoji temple lies, parallel to Sumida river, you will find【Kuramae】station. It's the station next to Asakusa on the Toei Asakusa line. These days, this area is becoming popular for hanging around and enjoying the retro atmosphere of the Showa era (1926-1989), and also boasts many new and creative shops.

Asakusa is located in Taito ward, where many people are engaged in manufacturing. Due to its location, this area is becoming a platform for maintaining traditional culture, and also for supporting the challenges of young creators.

At "Kakimori", one of the many magnetic shops in this area, you can create your own customized notebook. What you do is choose the paper for the front cover and inside, and other parts to go with them, such as binder rings and tools, etc, and a professional will finish it up to create your own unique notebook.
"KONCENT" is also a popular shop selling well-designed interior goods and everyday items. Their products are highly regarded by foreign visitors, not only for their original brand products, but also for their excellent selection of products manufactured from all over Japan.
These shops are merely two examples, and you will encounter the handiworks of craftspeople around this area.

How about taking a walk around the Kuramae area in Asakusa, filled with both a traditional and new manufacturing spirit?