Enjoy 【urban aquariums】 in Tokyo!

Enjoy 【urban aquariums】 in Tokyo!

Popular leisure spots for those who cannot bear the summer heat in Tokyo are 【aquariums】! As an island country, aquariums are numerous in Japan. You can find various unique aquariums in many places, not only around the coast but also in urban areas.

One such aquarium is the “Sunshine Aquarium”, located on the rooftop of the shopping complex near Ikebukuro station. Continuing the evolution of new types of exhibition, their world first outside area has just reopened as of July 12th 2017.

Other major attractions include “Penguins in the sky” and “sky path”. Once you enter the area, you will see a huge tank overhead, and be amazed by penguins and pelicans swimming overhead as if they are flying or walking across the backdrop of the sky and Tokyo cityscape.

“Aqua park Shinagawa” is another popular aquarium 2 minutes’ walk from Shinagawa station. High technology features including projection mapping are used to create a magical atmosphere throughout the aquarium. You shouldn’t miss the dolphin performance incorporating lighting and sound effects, and a cylindrical water curtain to offer visitors a 360-degree view! Since it is open till 10PM, (Last admission: 9PM) you can stop by after work, or use it for date-night with someone.

How about enjoying a cool summer in accessible and unique Tokyo urban aquariums?