Make your own collection with “Goshuincho”!

Make your own collection with “Goshuincho”!

Have you got your own “goshuincho”? “Goshuincho”, translated as book of seals, which you can collect original seals- “goshuin” unique to each temples and shrines in Japan. You can receive goshuin as a sign for your visit.

Needless to say, Japanese temples and shrines fascinates people from all over the word to visit, however besides the beauty of its architecture, atmosphere or deep historic resonance, collecting goshuin with your own “goshuincho” is getting popular as another way to enjoy to visit temples and shrines.

Goshuin is very unique in each, however its inscription is made basically out of two parts: the stamping of the seal and the writing of the temple's name or principal object of worship at its temple or date of your visit usually done in beautiful calligraphy. You might feel it similar to collect series of stamps at tourist spots, however the difference is that you need to be respectful in order to recieve the seals as a sign of visit, as well as amulets or charms. After praying at a temple or shrine, you can look for the booth selling religious charms and hand your goshuincho. Memo pads or notebooks cannot be any substitution for goshuincho.

Some shrines or temples sell their original designed goshuincho, and in these days you can enjoy choosing your favorite one from the various types sold in many stationary shops or variety shops. There is also DIY kits to create your own goshuincho by yourself!

How about travel around temples and shrines with your favorite one?