A modern “Ninja Mansion”!? 【Japanese Kitchens】-Full of ingenious ideas

A modern “Ninja Mansion”!?
【Japanese Kitchens】-Full of ingenious ideas

Nowadays, the kitchens of many condominium apartments or houses built for sale are mainly built-in types. They are called “system kitchens” in Japanese, and have a sink, kitchen range, cooking table and storage racks all built into a unit. Such models were based on European style kitchens, however they have evolved over time and become something unique to Japan.

For example, one feature is the built-in “fish grilling device”. It is not a special thing at all in a Japanese kitchen, however it is an essential feature for the fish-loving Japanese people! You can adjust the temperature of the grill as you like and cook fish very easily, which is a huge help when preparing a Japanese dinner table.

In addition, ingenious ideas are even applied to storage. Even with such limited kitchen space, there are many drawers with plenty of storage space, and they are all placed within reach. You might think of it like a Ninja Mansion, full of concealed doors!

This high level of functionality is a result of years of research, however people are paying closer attention to the design in these days. Coordination options have diversified and now, you will have lots of choices for customizing the colors, materials etc., to match the interior of the room.

Japanese Kitchens, full of miraculous ideas have been rationally evolved based on people’s lives and tastes throughout the ages. Since kitchens are an important part of everyone’s life, how about choosing the best suited kitchen for you?