Learn more and heal yourself at 【Temple】events!

Learn more and heal yourself at 【Temple】events!

You might think of “temples” as holy places with magnificent historical architecture, however did you know there are various events held at temples these days? They are held so that more people will rediscover temples as a more familiar and daily place to visit. Of course you will be able to hear the preaching of the monks, but aside from this there are more casual events such as film screenings, handmade or flea markets or concerts, etc.

They not only utilize temples as a location, but also make opportunities for learning and developing self-awareness. One unique event is a marriage hunting event held at temples, where participants can hear the preaching of monks about marriage. In addition, you will be able to feel very relaxed when spending time at a temple, if you try a yoga class called “temple-yoga”. If you have a chance to try it at your neighborhood temple, it will be a great chance to balance out your mind and body, while stepping back from your busy modern life.

“Zazen”- Zen sitting meditation is known as a harsh form of training in Buddhism, sitting on the floor without moving. However there are some events held to offer “chair-zazen”, so that people have a chance to meditate on their daily lives in a more modern style.

These new movements are making the teachings of Buddhism more accessible to people, and temples are becoming more casual places to visit for people. How about making your neighbourhood temple a part of your daily life?