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【White Day】A custom about giving gifts in return

Did you receive any gifts on Valentine’s Day this year?
March 14th, exactly one month after Valentine’s Day, is called “White Day” in Japan.

White Day is one of Japan’s unique customs.
For example, when people receive congratulatory money in the case of a wedding or a birth, or consolation payment in cases of illness, they give back some kind of gift in return. This shows their personal feeling of wanting to give something back in return, or sometimes it is mandatory to do so from a commonsense perspective. This is the attitude that led to the creation of White Day in Japan.

Giving chocolate is one of the basic activities for Valentine's Day. In contrast, giving candies, cookies or flowers is popular on White day. Gifts differ depending on each relationship between the sender and receiver of the present, however staple goods for White Day are mainly things what women tend to like.

Above all, more than personal gifts, some men worry about what to give back when they receive chocolates from their colleagues, seniors or juniors at work. Of course it is not mandatory to give something back, however it may be acceptable to give back some sweets which are good and tasty but not too expensive.

One of Japan’s unique customs - “White day”. It might be something you shouldn’t overlook when associating with Japanese people.